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Taking your girls away on a residential, overnight or for longer, is a great experience for you and the girls.

The Going Away With Scheme is a flexible qualification that allows Leaders to gain the appropriate qualification depending on the type of residential they are planning.

This scheme is open to members who have completed the Leadership Qualification, and currently hold an active role as a Leader, Commissioner or Adviser.

The scheme includes a basic Going Away With qualification that must be completed by all Leaders who are taking their girls away on a residential.

For more information about the Going Away With qualification, visit the Girlguiding website 

Girlguiding UK Website


Talk to your Commissioner and then complete the Residential License Registration Form:

Download - Residential License Registration Form

Leaders must apply to take a residential qualification, allowing plenty of time to work with their mentor. A minimum of 3 months is recommended for leaders with previous experience . Leaders new to taking girls away may need longer .


The registration form must be submitted a minimum of 12 weeks prior to the event .


Leaders should aim to complete their paperwork promptly on completion of the event to avoid delays in awarding their qualification.

Before the event you will need to complete a Residential Event Notification (REN) form, visit the Girlguiding UK website

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