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Walking in Derbyshire

The County Walking Team is a group of people who enjoy walking and the outdoors. Anyone is welcome as a member of the team and we can help you in a variety of ways:

  • Promoting walking locally and in the County

  • Taking units out on walks if asked

  • Helping & encouraging leaders to gain walking qualifications

  • Organising challenges for girls and adults

Walking Qualifications & Training

Bleaklow Plane Crash Sites - 10 August 2024   9:30 am - 4 pm          To book Click Here

For August’s County Walk, we will be visiting some of the historic plane crash sites on Bleaklow. Explore one of the highest peaks in the peak district and exposed moorland, whilst discovering more about the plane remnants and their pilots.

Baslow Edges - 21 September 2024   10 am - 3 pm                                         To book Click Here

September’s County Walk will be visiting the edges above Baslow in the Chesterfield and North East Area. We’ll climb up onto Birchen Edge to visit Nelson’s Monument, before continuing towards White Edge, then back along Baslow Edge for views of Chatsworth Estate. We’ll visit Wellington’s monument before returning along Gardon’s Edge and finding some prehistoric rock art!

Stanton Moor - 13 October 2024  1.30 pm - 3.30 pm                                     To book Click Here

​For October’s County Walk, we will be exploring Stanton Moor and the Nine Ladies stone circle in Mid East Area. Leaving Birchover, we will climb up onto Stanton Moor, before journeying across to discover the secrets of the Nine Ladies Stoen Circle. At the end we’ll have stop for a drink in Birchover to reflect on our walk.

If you are interested in gaining a walking qualification contact the County Walking Adviser:

Walking adviser - Danielle Watson

Walking MythBusters

I can’t walk without a walking qualification

Depending on the terrain, you don’t need a walking qualification to take your girls walking. For Easy and Lowland country qualifications are advised, but not essential.  This means that you can take you girls walking in areas such as parks, local woods, lanes, and nature trails. For a more adventurous walk you can go for a walk in lowland country!

My local area is too high above sea level for lowland country

Lowland country doesn’t mean low in height above sea level but is more about the type of terrain. These walks may require you to use a map and compass but must follow clearly defined paths and be always within 3km of a car park or layby. The weather must not be extreme, and the terrain must not present any great problems. Avoid steep slopes, cliff edges and water hazards. If you are unsure if the area is lowland country, you can check the walking scheme, or send me an email and I’d be happy to help.

I need the Walking Level 2 Qualification to walk in Open Country

To walk in Open Country, you will need someone with a walking level 2 qualification to join you but that doesn’t need to be you. There may be others in the county with the right qualifications who could join you. Your commissioner may know someone who has a walking qualification, or you can email me, and I can put you in touch with someone.


If you’d like to gain more confidence and experience to take your unit walking you could complete the Out and About Training for Easy Country or Walking Level 1 Training for Lowland Country.


Always risk assess your walk and walk within your limits, ask for help/advice if you are unsure. If you have any questions, you can send me an email and I’m always happy to help. For more information on the classification of different terrain, there is a useful page on the website.

Training dates

We run regular Level 1 Walking training sessions.

For the latest county training dates and application forms, visit our events page.

Level 2 training is organised at Regional level - look out for these events on the Girlguiding Midlands Events page.

Water Safety Training is required by everyone doing a walking qualification.

For more information, contact the county walking adviser.

County Walks

County walks are varied in length and in types of country. Walks are open to everyone including family members. They give opportunities to gain skills for walking qualifications and to explore parts of the County you may not have visited before. 


If you would like to join us on any of the county walks, please contact the walking adviser.

2023 dates to follow 

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