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There is a range of equipment available to borrow for meetings and events from the County Office.  


Contact the office team via email or call on 01773 748151 or
for availability and collection.


Each Area now has their own Selfie Board, Bunting, Table Cloth and Flag Sails.  You should contact your Area Commissioner for more information. 


County Exhibition Banner

There is a County Exhibition Banner that can be borrowed this is for indoor use only.  It is large but easy to erect.   Storage Unit has top and surround so can be use as a lectern/table. (see picture below)

County Roller Banners

There is a County Roller Banner - for internal use only. (see picture below)

County Tablecloths

There are 2 white tablecloths with the County logo. (see picture below)


Selfie Frame

There is a County Selfie Frame with the County Logo. (see picture below)

County Event Resources.jpg

County Bunting

There is 1 set of bunting with the County logo.

County Bunting.jpg

New Programme Bunting

There is 1 set of colourful new programme bunting.

New Programme Bunting.jpg


A Gazebo is available from the County Office.  Construction instructions included, size 3m x 3m.  Please see picture below for example of Gazebo set-up (contents for show only)

County gazebo.JPG

County Flag Sails

There are 4 County Flag Sails that can be borrowed from the County Office.

Sail flags.jpg

Posters and Leaflets

There are a number of promotional leaflets and posters available including recruitment leaflets for leaders and girls. These can also be sourced directly from Trading and are free (save for P&P) -

See picture below for an example of some promotional leaflets.


Deely Boppers

There are about 21 sets of Deely boppers that can be borrowed from the County Office.

Deely Boppers.jpeg


Badge Making Machine

A Badge Making Machine with parts to make 50 badges. A £10 hire charge applies. Additional badge components are £2 per 10 badges.

Children's Scissors

There are 35 pairs of children's scissors to borrow.

Chime Bars

Chime Bars are available for unit activities.

Display Boards

Display Boards for events are available from the county office.

Hand Chimes and Ocarinas

Hand Chimes and Ocarinas with music books are available for unit activities.


One large and one small Parachute are available for unit games and activities.

Giant Outdoor Connect 4 Game

42 lightweight foam playing pieces, the game is in a box fastpacked to be transported.

Rounders Game 

Rounders is a bat-and-ball game played between two teams. Contents are as follows, a truncheon shaped rounders bat, a rounders ball and cones.

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