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What is the Nights Away badge?

Spending a night away from home with Guiding friends is one of the highlights of being a member. To celebrate going away with Guiding, you can gain badges as part of Derbyshire's "Nights Away scheme". There are badges available for 1, 5, 10, 20, 30, 50, 75 and 100+ nights away. Each one features different coloured stitching – so you can keep collecting them to make up an attractive set.

Who can gain the awards?

Badges can be awarded to all members - from the newest Rainbow to the most mature adult member, so long as they've completed the required number of nights.

Members can wear the badges on their uniform if they wish or alternatively sew them on to their camp blanket.

Want to take part?

To take part in the nights away scheme you will need a nights away record card:

Download - Nights Away record card

Every time you spend one night or more away, record it on your card, get it verified and signed by a Leader.


Reached enough for the next badge?

When you have recorded enough nights for a Nights Away badge, ask your unit leader to order a badge:

Download - Nights Away badge order form


A nights away flyer is available for download to help promote the scheme:

Download - Nights Away flyer

Still have some questions?

Download - Nights Away FAQ

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