County Commissioner

Michelle Lewis

Michelle is the Lead Volunteer for Derbyshire County.





Assistant County Commissioners (Job Share):

Jo Hems - on maternity Leave

Jo is responsible for Membership Growth and Retention within the County








Louise Rimmington - Membership Growth & Retention

Louise is covering Jo's maternity leave and is the Assistant County Commissioner for Growth and Retention




Izzy Clarke

Izzy is responsible for the Programme and Events within the County









Jill Tucker

Vice Presidents

Miss A Hall                                   Mrs J Gash

Miss P Heap                                 Mrs B Marshall

Miss H Millhouse                        Mrs M Randles

Mrs B Wesson

Programme Team


Events Co-ordinator

Izzy Clarke

Izzy is the County Events contact for advice, support for larger events, suggestions for County events




Mary Jackson & Elizabeth Robertson

Mary & Elizabeth look after County Archives & will give information, displays, talks


Duke of Edinburgh Award Adviser

Cynthia Simmonds

Cynthia is the lead for D of E in Derbyshire training, practice, expeditions, advice




International Advisers

Sarah Parr

Sarah is the County International contact - advice on International topics or qualifications



Outdoor Activity Adviser

Hazel Taylor





Queen's Guide Adviser

Jane Collier


Jane is the Adviser for Queens Guide registration, advice and information.

REN Administrator

Emma Green 

Emma receives all Residential Notification Forms






Residential Qualifications Co-ordinator

Lynn Palmer

Lynn registers all new applicants for residential qualifications & appoints mentors




Walking Adviser

Danielle Watson

Leads the walking Team on advice, qualifications and walking information





Water Activities Adviser

Steph Presland

Steph is the lead on any water related topics.







Peer Education Adviser

Sabina Barber

Is the contact for anything connected with Peer Education




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Adult Support Team

Inspire Lead Team

Hannah Adamson

Hannah support members aged 18-30 across the County


Commissioner Mentor & Leadership Qualification


Jane Leech

Jane appoints Commissioners mentors and runs Commissioners support groups.  She supports Area Leadership Co-ordinators with New Leaders and Mentors.




Inclusion Advisers

Ali Campbell

Ali can be contacted for any additional needs advice confidentially


Member Support

Michelle Lewis

Michelle is the County ID Verifier and County Adviser for Member Support

Training Co-ordinator

Alison Barnett

Contact Alison with all questions about training in Derbyshire


Membership Growth and Retention Team

Meet the team - Click Here to read more ..........

Communication and Social Media

Roshni Makwana and Laura Cooper (website)

Roshni can be contacted via


For any topics relating to Social Media for the County


Laura Cooper is our website co-ordinator


PR & Marketing

Alanah Miles



Recruitment & Retention                               


County Personnel


Badge Secretary

Nicola Molloy


Ilona Beer


Chair of Awards Committee

Cynthia Simmonds

Cynthia is the County contact for awards - nominations, advice





County Treasurer

Jane Stoney

The County Treasurer overseas accounts and budget, Chairs the Finance & GP Committee and receives budget forms





'GO' Membership Systems

Helen Keable




Music / Singing Advisers

Tarina Farmer & Lisa Bouskill 

For all singing/music information.


Office Team

Office Team Lead - TBC

Jacqui Habgood, Office Administrator



Jacqui is available to deal with any queries, information and support


Anne Flemming, Finance Assistant

Anne is available to deal with any finance queries


Properties Chairman

Stephan Presland

Steph attends all property meetings and links to Finance & GP Committee






Safeguarding Adviser

Alison Millman


Trefoil Guild Chairman

Alison Plunkett

Alison is the lead volunteer for all Trefoil members within Derbyshire